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Paul Elksnis - Bio

Home Town:

Gloucester, UK

Role in LSL:



I spent 6 years between 19-25 working abroad in Greece (Rhodes), Tunisia, Malta, Italy and Cyprus before coming back to the UK and settling down. I’ve worked in IT for various companies such as T-Mobile (now EE), Pictons Solicitors, Basilica Computing and now for BT.


I love learning languages, especially Italian and have spent time learning some French, Greek, German and an incy bit of Arabic (Tunisian).

I love a wide genre of music and so for me, having a subscription to Spotify is amazing! I play a little piano and guitar - great way to relax!

I’m not into sports (other than track and field, swimming and ice-skating in the Olympics)


I have also volunteered my time to create ano ther ‘not for profit’ Gloucester Community Networking website and the Glos100 Website. It has been a real pleasure to help some wonderful people who dedicate their time and efforts into helping others. I also help others to raise money for other military charities, such as the Royal British Legion and Combat Stress

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