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Help us raise awareness for the WW2 Polish fighter pilots and all the others who risked their lives in defence of Britain at our greatest time of need.

Real Battle of Britain footage in colour – Credits KickFlip view full video here

Never was so much 'still' owed by so many, to the 'Forgotten Few' of the Battle of Britain.

On June 4th 1940, following the evacuation of British and Allied forces from the beaches of Dunkirk and the decimation of the British Army, all that stood between German invasion of Britain was a 20 mile stretch of the English Channel and the pilots of the RAF’s Hurricane, Spitfire and bomber squadrons, later to be called ‘The Few’. And so began the Battle of Britain.

Among the brave airmen who fought in the skies above Britain during the Battle and after, were a few Polish fighter pilots, volunteers, our first Allies who had been ordered to evacuate across German-occupied Europe to continue the fight for the defence of France and then Britain. Sadly at the end of the war they never formally received the recognition they, we feel deserved, and were not wholly allowed to participate in the VE Day celebrations. We call them ‘The Forgotten Few’ and want to change this to ensure there is a lasting remembrance, unity, legacy and education (RULE) for all generations.

You can help us with this by simply sharing this website and telling your friends, family, teachers and frankly, anyone else. We are also developing education packs that we hope to supply to schools wishing to participate, ensuring children can continue to learn about the sacrifice made for their future. You could also help through volunteering, donating, or buying something from our store so we can continue to fund the project.

Laguna’s Spitfire Legacy: Remembering the Forgotten Few – credit: © Sofia Hartwell

Image credit: © Gary Eason / Flight Artworks

Wing Commander Piotr Łaguna - one of the famous Battle of Britain WW2 Polish fighter pilots.

Roll of Honour

One of the Battle of Britain's greatest WW2 Polish fighter pilots

Born of historical nobility and having already served with distinction as a senior officer in Poland, prior to the invasion of Poland in 1939, Piotr then moved on to France shooting down his only confirmed enemy aircraft.

Then in 1940 Piotr Laguna came to Britain to join the RAF VR initially before the formation of the Polish Air force in Exile.

Along with many other Polish and foreign pilots, he continued the fight to defend, push back and liberate Europe from the grip of Hitler’s tyranny

Our aim is to tell Piotr’s story as a tribute to the many others who took to the skies so that they may be remembered and their efforts not gone and forgotten.



From International Historian, Dilip Sarkar, MBE FRHistS

“The Łaguna Spitfire Project is an incredibly important initiative, binding together communities for a common purpose: which is exactly what happened during the Second World War. We must remember that Nazism was defeated by a multi-national force comprising many nations, colours and creeds. No one nation can take the credit for defeating Hitler – it was a collective effort, and that is exactly how best life and problems should be approached”

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LSL’s sole aim is to deliver a lasting Legacy to WW2 Polish fighter pilots and others who fought, through interaction both nationally and internationally at organized public events such as; air shows, Polish Heritage Days and other commemorative events around the UK and overseas. As well as this, we think it’s important that we ensure our young people remember the lessons of the past


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We’re always doing things to tell the stories of the WW2 Polish fighter pilots and others who flew and made the ultimate sacrifice to save this country in our time of greatest need, by taking our display to schools, events and air shows

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