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Bit by bit, we're piecing together and telling their stories.

Since its incorporation, LSL Community Interest Company (CIC) has been telling the story of Spitfire P8331 and the history of her Pilots with a central figurehead of Wing Commander Piotr Laguna. This done through collected parts on loan to the project from the original aircraft and historical research into National Archives. We have been working with world renowned historians, engineers, the Embassies and volunteers to help bring this story to life to the general public and have seen a surge of interest from all ages.

Our project’s theme is Polish at heart given the history of both its Spitfire P8331 and the Pilots that flew it. However, we predominantly aim to tell the story of the 18,000 Polish Pilots and Crews, as well as the stories of all Pilots who flew during the wartime years. Piotr’s story would be a familiar tale similar to most of the men who endured those terrible years.

Piotr Łaguna (image credit: © Peter Sikora Archive)


We're building a lasting legacy upon the shoulders of giants

We are proud to have the support from many experts and the pilot’s family who reside in Australia and have been following the project.

We engage business, communities and schools to promote an interest for young adults in communities aiding integration, engineering, leadership, management and motivation.

There has been a long-standing pride and global recognition of the quality of British Engineering Aerospace, Medical research and development, Banking and IT. The list is endless. However, it is very clear that the country faces a challenge in terms of recruiting young adults to choose a career in skilled roles in any given discipline.

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Working closely with partners, sponsors and the community

LSL would like to work with businesses in actively engaging these young adults and inspiring a career into their chosen area of interest. This, we feel, could be through co-marketing and sponsorship as well as through trade fairs where we could have the replica there to act as part of their stand space or recruitment campaign. We already have an impressive list of partners in a very short space of time that have in turn developed opportunities moving forward. We hope to encourage businesses to consider partnering with us and choose a package of sponsorship, which will allow them a level of access to the project and also to our team of experts who can deliver anything from historical talks to motivational speakers and management skills.

Inspiring and informing young and old

We encourage schools to actively participate in the remembrance of a pilot that is specific to the school. This may take the form of a former pupil as an example of a local pilot from the village/town/city/country. We would encourage them to research the pilot and produce a piece of work that tells the history of them and add pictures or artwork to this. LSL would then create a database and web page that displayed this for the public to read and see. Finally, we would like to invite the school or participating pupils to come and see a flying Spitfire and hear some talks from the pilot and historians.

Endorsement from international historian, Dilip Sarkar, MBE FRHistS

“The Łaguna Spitfire Project is an incredibly important initiative, binding together communities for a common purpose: which is exactly what happened during the Second World War. We must remember that Nazism was defeated by a multi-national force comprising many nations, colours and creeds. No one nation can take the credit for defeating Hitler – it was a collective effort, and that is exactly how best life and problems should be approached.

The Łaguna Spitfire Project provides a tremendously refreshing opportunity to use history to bridge gaps between communities today – whilst in the process promoting an awareness of the sacrifice and suffering involved with the Second World War. Whilst this specifically concerns a Polish pilot, the story is equally owned by countless others of all nations who fought against tyranny.

This is a visionary and much-needed community-based historical project, which I am delighted to support, and commend Scott Booth and team for their exemplary approach.”

Dilip Sarkar MBE FRHistS, 21 November 2019

For more information, please visit www.ourfinesthour.net

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