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Image credit: © Gary Eason / Flight Artworks

Spitfire P8331 assembly

Appointment of build partners Airframe Assemblies for Spitfire MKIIb P8331

A statement from Steve Vizard
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Airframe Assemblies are delighted to be involved in the proposed restoration of Spitfire P8331

Putting aside any business or commercial factors, I personally have been aware of the recovery of Wing Commander Piotr Laguna’s aircraft since knowing Patrick Hombert, the leader of the museum team, since the 1980’s – and first saw the substantial amount of parts recovered from P8331, shortly after the excavation.

Being a passionate student of the Battle of Britain, and knowing of Wing Commander Laguna in 1940 when 302/303 Squadron operated Hurricanes, made this doubly interesting from my perspective.

Therefore, several decades later, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to support the rebuild of Piotr’s Spitfire.

The contribution of Polish airmen during 1940 and beyond is something that should be far more widely recognised – and appreciated. Especially so in these supposedly more enlightened times, and most certainly from any historical perspective.

To rebuild and restore any Spitfire is a significant process, but an example such as P8331 becomes more important as a project, as it will embody the recognition due to Piotr and his fellow countrymen, as well as being a scarce early Mark of Spitfire coming back to life.

This type of restoration and the special reasons for it are largely why Airframe Assemblies came into being 35 years ago….and we are proud to be a partner in this venture.

Supermarine Spitfire P8331 Sumatra

Image credit: © Will Jarman

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