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Image credit: © Gary Eason / Flight Artworks

WW2 Polish Spitfire Fighter Pilots Squadron photo

Donations and Support Opportunities

Further to recent announcements with regards to LSL commissioning a Commemoration flight to Poland in 2021 and the restoration of P8331, there have been request’s by many people to be able to make donations to support.

As we try to raise awareness for the 18,000 Polish Air Force personnel whom fought for your freedom as well as their own in Great Britain, we are grateful for every single penny as a not for profit company. We do rely on donations and commercial support to be able to promote the ethos of Remember the people, Unify the communities, Legacy for the future and Educate the next generations (RULE


Did you know, there are nearly 80,000 rivets in a Spitfire…these rivets are pennies but make up a large part of the aircraft and are key. Not every item is as expensive as an engine or a propeller your support therefore no matter how little can go a long way towards our efforts to RULE the world! Just a few pounds, euros or dollars can go a long way to helping see Spitfire P8331 fly again. Equally, we know that there are many historical artefacts in people’s garages, lofts and sheds left over from family relatives and collections. These can be items from a Spitfire such as dials or parts collected as souvenirs during the war years of personal equipment such as uniforms or flying equipment. We are always searching for these items and would be extremely grateful for these types of donations too. We do catalogue all items received for records so that you can ask what happened to your items or how they have been used.

You can now donate to JustGiving page by clicking on the button below. All monies will be used to achieve our goals set out above.

Supermarine Spitfire P8331 Sumatra

Image credit: © Will Jarman

Opportunities for businesses to get involved…

The unique and rare history of this Vickers Supermarine Spitfire oozes with passion, perfect aesthetics, quality engineering and ultimately symbolised the hope of a nation. This quintessential aircraft is unmistakable and instantly recognisable by sight and sound the world over. This particular Spitfire is an extremely rare example aiming to be the world’s only flying MKIIb variant (170 only were built) Flying with Polish 303 Squadron renowned for being the highest-scoring squadron of the Battle of Britain in 1940, this particular aircraft claimed one enemy aircraft destroyed, one probable and one damaged. Of her 15 pilots, 8 were Battle of Britain veterans. Amongst these pilots were Two Commanding officers and one Officer Commanding with names now imprinted in legends such as Piotr Laguna, Johnny Kent, Gandy Drobinski, and Wojciech Kolaczkowski.

Marketing and PR opportunities involved in this significant project are then, endless. Partner DNA packages are available to ensure that there is a mutually beneficial synergy between both parties whereby your company become part of the aircraft’s history journey for posterity. These options include access to a captive audience of over 500,000 people at air shows across Europe and over 100,000 on social media platforms Globally. We also have access to flying Spitfire and Hurricane fighters for corporate events, a static full-scale exact replica of Spitfire P8331 again for events, media coverage through Radio, Television and newspapers, guest speakers and much more.

Finally, if you feel you can support us in any way, as well as financial, then please get in touch, check out our Partners page and click here to email us, or through our website Contact Page.

You can also just donate to JustGiving page by click on the button below. All monies will be used to achieve our goals set out above.

For more LSL news please revisit our website blog or our Facebook page by the same name for more information. For Our Freedom and Yours.

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Scott Booth

Scott Booth

LSL Founder & Director. Having spent 9 years in the Royal Marines Commandos deploying on operational tours in Northern Ireland and Bosnia. Now working in the Medical Devices world as an International Business Development Manager for a British Orthopaedic Manufacturer.

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