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Spitfire and Hurricane

Polish Memorial Flight Planned for 2021 and 2025

On this day of remembrance 8th May 2020 for VE Day, we are pleased to announce that Lagunas Spitfire Legacy has now agreed our planned Polish Memorial Flight for 2021 in conjunction with the Historic Aircraft Collection and Polish Heritage Flight. This to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the loss of Wing Commander Łaguna and Spitfire P8331 on the 27th June and to honour the 18,000 Polish Air Force personnel who never received the opportunity to March in the victory parades of 1945 for Political reasons.
Polish Heritage Flight and Historic Aircraft Collection

It is longer-term, the plan to take an airworthy Spitfire P8331 RF-M and the Polish Heritage Flight as The Polish Memorial Flight to Poland in 2025. This to Celebrate the 85th and 80th Anniversaries of the Battle of Britain and VE Day as an acknowledgement of “Righting the wrongs of the past” which time has allowed us to do. *Quote founder Scott Booth. More details of the flight will follow over the coming months.

This is not intended as a Political Statement on decisions made in 1945 by incumbent Governments and Allied leadership. However, it is acknowledging and honour’s Britain’s loyalist Allies of the war years.

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Scott Booth

Scott Booth

LSL Founder & Director. Having spent 9 years in the Royal Marines Commandos deploying on operational tours in Northern Ireland and Bosnia. Now working in the Medical Devices world as an International Business Development Manager for a British Orthopaedic Manufacturer.

2 Responses

  1. My examiner for my PPL in December 1957 was Flight Lieutenant Z W Kaye, (his Anglicised name). A Polish pilot in the RAF who had flown Mustangs in the latter part of WW2. He was CFI of the Fakenham Flying Group at Little Snoring. I learned much from him and he later, in 1960, conducted my Flying Instructor course. He was killed in a Varsity/Vampire T11 midair collision in 1960. Another Polish ex RAF Spitfire pilot who instructed with the Group was B W Stramik who had superb flying skills.

    Our treatment of the Poles who fought and died with us throughout the war was nothing short of shameful when they were excluded from the London Victory Parade in 1946.

    1. Dear Barry

      Many thanks for sharing your own personal experience of working with and learning from the Polish pilots.

      Their experience as Pilots and ground crews were seen to be the best available and were often utilised as test pilots and instructors too.

      We look forward to trying to right the historical wrongs of the parade over the next few years and are grateful for your support.

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